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19:04, Nov 21 2012
Zoo Boogie
ZOO BOOGIE: The cast of Zoo Boogie with Johanna, left, and Lottie Gwilliam.

After attending a Wiggles concert with his family and seeing how inspired the audience was, Blair Dale decided to create his own group of child entertainers.

Mr Dale, the mastermind behind Zoo Boogie, had a "lightbulb above the head" moment and left Vector Arena imagining what could happen if the songs were about important values and morals rather than just hot potatoes.

The Howick resident says Zoo Boogie, a charitable trust, aims to send a positive message to children as well as entertain.

"Zoo Boogie's mission is to help strengthen families and communities by shaping the characters of young children," Mr Dale says.

"In a nutshell the songs teach and demonstrate particular principles and values that we think are very important for children to know."

The five characters making up Zoo Boogie are Dale the zookeeper, Levi the lion, Ella the elephant, Max the monkey and Boris the polar bear.


Each of the animal characters has an area of weakness in their personalities that Dale the zookeeper, played by Mr Dale, helps them to grow and nurture.

Mr Dale says reducing family violence in the community is the force driving him to make Zoo Boogie a success.

"What stirred this up was the chance to help break the cycle by getting through to the next generation and passing good values down the line," he says.

Zoo Boogie is on a mission to become a leader in children's entertainment both nationally and internationally.

"When the time is right we want to move off shore."

Mr Dale says his three young children are Zoo Boogie's biggest fans.

Visit zooboogie.com to buy Zoo Boogie's debut album, find out about upcoming performances or play games.

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