Burglar targets school for television

16:00, Nov 27 2012

Thieves broke into a primary school twice within days of each other and stole a 42-inch TV.

Maraetai Beach School principal Lesley Pether says a six-foot burglar of slim build was captured on the CCTV system.

The intruder was unrecognisable in dark clothing, gloves and a balaclava.

The thief broke into a junior classroom about 10.30pm on Thursday, November 8, and cut a stainless steel cable fastening a television to the ground, also making off with an Android tablet.

"Then at 3 o'clock on the following Monday morning, next door classroom, exactly the same method of entry and a television gone," she says.

"By then there were no tablets in the rooms, we'd been locking those away overnight."


Both TVs and the tablet will have to be fundraised for again.

"Which is pretty demoralising, you are talking about kids - they actually worked really hard to get their stuff."

The principal says the school was also broken into just before Christmas 2011 but nothing was taken.

Any future thief will have a hard time stealing another TV as they would have to remove the wall as well. The school is also installing more CCTV.

There is evidence the burglar had help and anybody with information can call Beachlands police on 536 6130 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Eastern Courier