Panmure station on schedule

16:00, Nov 29 2012

Len Brown is asking the people of the eastern suburbs for patience while work on AMETI projects is under way in Panmure.

The mayor says he is working with Auckland Transport to ensure completion of the Panmure station, removal of the Panmure roundabout and the construction of a new Panmure bridge cause minimal disruption to traffic flow.

"There's going to be a few teething problems to get through to that point, and I'm sorry about that, but what we are doing is what the community has been asking us to do for decades," he says.

"We are under budget and ahead of time.

"I just ask for people's patience and recognise that this change will lead to an unjamming of the bottleneck."

An Auckland Transport survey of 406 residents who will be affected by or benefit from the Auckland-Manukau Eastern Transport Initiative (AMETI) was taken in September.


It found 54 per cent of people experience delays or problems when travelling in the East Auckland area.

The most common places for this are the Pakuranga Highway (15 per cent), Ti Rakau Dr (11 per cent) and the Panmure roundabout (9 per cent).

Seventy-five per cent want improvements made to the transport system but only 41 per cent have heard of AMETI.

Last week a new road bridge opened over the railway in Panmure, easing recent congestion caused by construction of the new Panmure bus and train station.

An Auckland Transport spokesman says the new bridge is now taking traffic while the old bridge is replaced with one that is higher and longer. It is expected to be complete in August.

The bridge will then be used for buses to arrive at the front of the new station.

An Horizon poll earlier this month found 74 per cent of people in East Auckland travel to work outside of the area.

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