'Junior All Black' of literature

16:00, Dec 04 2012
Micaela Meder
LITERARY SPARK: Micaela Meder, 15, is set to have her second short story published in the 12th Re-Draft anthology.

A young writer has been dubbed a junior All Black of New Zealand literature.

For the second year running Pakuranga College student Micaela Meder, 15, has had one of her stories selected to be published in the 12th Re-Draft anthology, Walking a Tightrope in Bare Feet. The national competition is tough but her science fiction story Just One More Miracle made the grade and will be published in 2013.

The young wordsmith says it is the freedom words give to one's imagination that keeps her putting pen to paper.

"You can literally bring characters to life and they become friends to you - I find that truly amazing," she says.

Micaela has been writing stories since she was old enough to hold a pencil and says she will continue to do so "for the rest of time".

Pakuranga College head of English Vanessa Gibby says the studious Micaela has been a pleasure to teach.


"Sometimes you read students' work and you are just blown away that someone so young can write something so beautiful, and that is what Micaela does."

Ms Gibby has even received emails from competition organiser Glyn Strange giving praise to the young writer and her natural aptitude for storytelling.

"They've equated it to a person winning a place in a national sports team - it is like Micaela is a junior All Black of the writing field. The way she writes, she is able to create a new space using the written word. She has proven that she has a real future in this if that is where she chooses to go."

Micaela says becoming an author is definitely on the cards but so is teaching and other possible careers in the arts.

But one thing is for sure - Micaela will have her pen and paper out ready to contend her spot in next year's anthology.

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