Fowl play at Primary

16:00, Dec 06 2012
LOST PETS: On the brighter side pupils, from left: Tara Maclean, 7, Sylias Bachop, 7, and Blake Hunt, 7, are happy that there are still three chickens remaining at the school.

The children at Wakaaranga School have been left in tears after their schoolyard chooks were plucked from the grounds.

Every weekend the four hens and little chick are shut away in their coop.

But come Monday morning when associate principal Margaret Warburton went to feed them she was shocked to find there was no trace of the two cutest chickens- a mother and her chick.

SCHOOL PET: Chickadee the school pet that was taken from Wakaaranga at the weekend.

"It's a 6ft fence for goodness sake, it is not like they can escape, someone has come over the top and taken them away," Mrs Warburton says. "It is just the mindset. I can't understand someone's mindset that they would take someone else's animals, children's animals."

And the little balls of fluff certainly meant a lot to the 745 students at the Farm Cove school. Class 4B backs on to the hens' enclosure and the pupils have spent many an hour watching Chickadee and her poultry pals.

Teacher Wendy Morgan says the bond between the chickens and children has grown strong over the year with the kids even taking their books out and reading to the animals. The students have written about and sketched their beloved pets and have used the eggs for cooking and science projects.


Seven-year-old Sylias Bachop was moved to tears when he found out the hens were gone.

"I am especially sad because I care about animals and all creatures," he says.

The children have spent the week pondering possible scenarios as to why someone would steal the school's pets.

Tara Maclean thinks it might be because "they have a rooster that is lonely so they needed to find it a friend".

While Mrs Warburton offers up a more plausible and simplistic reason - it is the school holidays.

"I would say it was probably a teenager. We had a window smashed as well."

The school was also targeted in a spate of arson attacks and the fire damaged the side of a building.

The kids have one simple plea: "Please give us back our chickens."

Contact the school at 576 8205 with information.

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