Trailer terror on Maraetai-Whitford Rd

16:00, Dec 20 2012

Two jetskis that came off a trailer into oncoming traffic is a reminder for boaties to be careful.

It is lucky no-one was hurt in the Saturday morning incident on the Maraetai-Whitford Rd, Senior Sergeant Laurie Culpan says.

"Police are still investigating and looking to see if charges should be laid and what the appropriate charges would be," he says.

The accident's cause is not yet known, he says. But it is a timely reminder for boaties to ensure equipment is used correctly.

"It's about maintenance and attention to detail when you are strapping boats down, particularly if you are using non-specific designed trailers.

"So if you are taking the rubber ducky out and you are putting it on the garage trailer to transport it, or the kayaks or whatever, make sure they are harnessed and strapped down correctly to prevent these types of accidents," he says.

Mr Culpan says it is also wise to get a new warrant of fitness for trailers to ensure no rust or damage has occurred during the off-season.


Eastern Courier