Lilly's friend helps healing process

16:00, Jan 10 2013
April Jones
FISSURE FIXED: Vet April Jones uses fibreglass to stabilise Lilly’s shell.

Lilly the turtle is slowly coming out of her shell.

The traumatised reptile was the victim in a domestic dispute when she was thrown from a moving car in Mangawhai several months ago.

Her shell was cracked and infection had set in when Papakura's Turtle Lady stepped in to help.

Clarice Ford runs the Turtle Haven Charitable Trust from her backyard, rescuing reptiles that have been abused, abandoned or just need a little love.

She has nursed Lilly back to health, force-feeding her with a syringe and giving her antibiotics.

Lilly, who is a red-eared slider, is "the sweetest turtle", Ms Ford says.


"She doesn't bite even though I give her needles every second day.

"She never hisses or anything - her personality's just so placid."

Lilly is looking much better thanks to a shell operation. But the trauma has taken its toll and she suffers from extreme shyness in social settings.

The only one who can draw her out of her shell is a young red-eared turtle called Sprout who came to Turtle Haven after being attacked by a dog.

The tiny companion is "like a little nurse", Ms Ford says.

He brings out Lilly's inquisitive nature and she follows him wherever he goes.

""He gets her out of the water; it's really good. She likes his company."

Lilly's shell was held together with wire, putty and tape but as it began to heal the wire became a hindrance.

April Jones at the Ardmore Vet offered to do an operation free because Ms Ford is a frequent client.

The crack started knitting but was still vulnerable. Dr Jones sanded the edges and put clear fibreglass along it to give water protection and in case Lilly takes another knock.

It was the first time the vet had worked with fibreglass but she says Ms Ford's extensive knowledge of turtles made it easy.

"It was a very rewarding thing to do," Dr Jones says. "People think of turtles as inanimate rocks with legs on but they do have character."

Anyone interested in donating to Turtle Haven or adopting a turtle can call Clarice Ford on 298 9099.

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