Campaigning to save trees

16:00, Feb 12 2013
Viv Daly
UNDER THREAT: The two poplars behind Viv Daly are among those likely to be felled later this month. ‘‘It just makes the neighbourhood really nice having them there,’’ she says.

Viv Daly wants others who enjoy the park next to her house to know Auckland Council intends to cut down a grove of large trees.

"Because at the moment it's only the people in the immediate streets who know about this," the Half Moon Bay resident says.

In a January 15 letter to people who live close to Wakaaranga Creek Reserve, council advisor Richard Dahlenburg says the trees are in serious decline and a danger to houses and park users.

"The trees are in a low area and it gets very wet, meaning root systems have minimal hold in the ground during windy weather in winter."

Council spokeswoman Angela Jones says the plan to cut down the group of gum and poplar trees this month is now on hold.

"At the request of the Howick Local Board we are going to arrange a site visit with residents to discuss the reasons and point out problems with the trees," she says.


"The trees won't be removed until after the meeting."

Ms Daly says a minority of the poplars are leaning, one tree has a hole in its base and she agrees that gum trees can be dangerous.

"Thin them out maybe. Leave the best ones, but why bulldoze the whole lot?" she says.

"What's wrong with pruning them?

"Reduce them to two-thirds of their size and make them safe."

Ms Daly says the council used to maintain the trees, but stopped several years ago.

"And now they say they are dangerous," she says.

"It's just nice to have big trees around the place and there are no other big trees."

She is concerned a number of other large poplars on the other side of the park might be cut down too.

Auckland Council southern parks manager Malcolm Page says all trees are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

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