Zones to suggest fishing areas

16:00, Feb 21 2013

Signs will soon mark out suggested places for fishermen at a popular Auckland beach.

Anglers and other beach users have been clashing over space on Big Bucklands Beach and the Howick Local Board is now taking action.

Board member John Spiller hopes all beach users will respect the zones on a "voluntary and goodwill basis".

"If the fishermen adhere to the suggested fishing zones then the swimmers should be clear in the areas indicated."

He says the council and local board have no power to stop people fishing but a proposed bylaw would give them that power.

Submissions on the public safety and nuisance bylaw 2013 are due by March 15.


Mr Spiller says the fishing zones have not been decided upon but three zones are suggested.

The first includes some sand and the reef to the north of the boat ramp. The other two are parts of beach near the rock walls to the south of the boat ramp and at the southern end of the beach.

"There's also an area that the windsurfing fraternity use for rigging up on the corner of Wharf Rd.

"They would like a section there kept free from fishing so they can launch their windsurfers and kitesurfers."

Visit aucklandcouncil. or call 301 0101 for information on how to make a submission on the proposed bylaw.

Eastern Courier