Chairman hopes 'people will forgive'

23:24, Feb 25 2013
Michael Williams
DEEPLY SORRY: Howick Board Chairman Michael Williams hopes the people of east Auckland will forgive him, following his drink-driving conviction.

Michael Williams is hoping east Auckland will forgive him after being convicted of drink driving.

In an open letter today the Howick Local Board chairman says he made a mistake.

''I had too much to drink, got in my car and drove, endangering the safety of other road users and for this I am very sorry,'' he says.

Today he pleaded guilty to a charge of driving with excess blood alcohol and was given an $850 fine plus costs and lost his licence for seven months.

Mr Williams says a charge of failing to accompany a police officer was dropped after he outlined his defence.

''I am normally very careful about drinking and driving and this is the first time I have ever appeared in court facing charges.

''I am extremely embarrassed.

''I have made an apology to the police, who I greatly respect, and who do a tremendous job, often in trying circumstances.

''It is my hope that people will forgive me and support me to continue to work hard for the benefit of the community.''


Eastern Courier