Bird centre opens its doors

16:00, Feb 26 2013
birds 1
FEASTING FRIENDS: Two kereru check out what’s on the menu.
birds 1
BITTEN BEAK: This is Spud. She was taken in five years ago following a suspected cat attack that tore off the top half of her beak.
birds 1
KEEPING WATCH: A tui rests on a branch.
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COOL CHICKS: Wildlife rehabilitator Mandy Robertson holds a pheasant chick.
birds 1
WISE OWL: New Zealand’s native owl the morepork.

Sick and injured birds find a haven at the Whitford Wild Bird Care Centre.

An open day on March 2 is an opportunity to learn more about what the centre does and to learn how you can help New Zealand birds.

There will be fun and games for children, a tea garden, sausage sizzle, raffle, crafts for sale and a mini garage sale.

The Wild Bird Care Centre feeds, cleans and nurtures birds that come into its care.

Wildlife rehabilitator Mandy Robertson says they don't want to make the centre bigger, just better.

On average there are 15 regular volunteers. On top of this Duke of Edinburgh award and Unitech vet nurse students also spend time helping at the centre.


There are about 50 birds taking shelter. Birds are generally brought in by members of the public and cared for until they are well and ready to be released.

Mrs Robertson says if they are adult native birds, volunteers take them back to where they came from.

"Our aim is to rehabilitate and release."

Visit or email to learn more about the open day or how you can support the centre.

OPEN DAY Whitford Wild Bird Care Centre open day is from 11am to 3pm on March 2 at 129 Ara Kotinga Rd.

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