Fit, Fast, Fabulous

16:00, Feb 28 2013
Sarah Argyle and Rose Cawley
READY, SET, GO: Sarah and Rose are determined to get fit and fast in the lead up to this years Round the Bays race.


Don't ask us why, don't ask us how but reporter Rose Cawley and I are determined. Determined to be fit, fast and fabulous. After all, I am a sports reporter and I do take my role very seriously. To ease ourselves in we purchased a one month pass to Bikram Yoga. But in all honesty, although we got off to a roaring start (literally roaring - roaring hot) we failed miserably. I don't know about you but we weren't particularly fond of being engulfed in heat while surrounded by sleek yoga pals who all seemed to effortlessly know what they were doing.

So running it was. Or maybe more like a slow jog. Round the Bays seemed like the perfect place to start. Eight weeks out the 8.4km run seemed totally do-able. Too easy. Admittedly we did sit at our desks looking at each other for an extended period of time.

''Argyle are we going to do this? Actually?'' One of my best friends is a triathlete. Seriously, how hard can it be? We tried our hand at a training schedule to make ourselves feel committed. And I went as far as purchasing some trendy new running attire so even if I look close to death at least I look sassy.

But as I write this I feel slightly ill knowing, thanks to the irritating countdown clock on the event website, there is a mere 8 days, 55 minutes and 23 seconds until Cawley and I slog it out with half of Auckland. Uh oh.

Round the Bays is described as a ''fun run'' which means if we have any hope of making this enjoyable we better kick our training up a notch. And fast. You'd think it would motivate us that we're wearing t-shirts with the Fairfax logo on them clearly identifying us. This means if we fall on our faces not only are we embarrassing ourselves but we're also bringing down the Fairfax reputation. Niggly.

In all seriousness we are going to do this. We even have our sights set on the Auckland Half-Marathon. 2013 is our year. We are fit. We are fast. We are fabulous. And this is our blog.

We'll share it all, the pain, the sweat and the glory. Can't promise any glory just yet though. Currently haven't decided whether this is for your benefit or ours. We want to show you the best running spots in East Auckland. But we also thought publicly announcing we are running Round the Bays might give us the extra drive we need to actually put on some running shoes and move.


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