Group feels let down by minister

A residents and ratepayers group has written again to the minister of housing after their first letter got no reply.

Howick Residents and Ratepayers Association chairwoman Gayleen Mackereth says Nick Smith never replied to her March 22 letter complaining about plans for housing intensification and asking him to slow down Auckland Council's unitary plan process.

"We felt as an organisation we would like a reply. Three months is long enough to wait for a reply from a minister."

The group's new letter also complains about the process and asks the minister to acknowledge its receipt.

"We are very concerned at the loss of the accepted and treasured Kiwi lifestyle in this plan," she writes.

"In Howick we treasure our historic roots as a Fencible outpost and wish to see the character of the area preserved.

"We beg you to delay the implementation of the plan until all avenues have been clearly explored as to the right direction for Auckland."

Eastern Courier