More parking time at ferry terminal

Proposed parking restrictions at a busy ferry terminal have been slightly loosened.

The Howick Local Board has approved making most of the car parks at congested Half Moon Bay a maximum of 14 hours.

The board's transport portfolio holder Steve Udy says ferry users have said a proposed 12-hour limit was not long enough as the first ferry leaves at about 6.45am and the last one arrives back at 8.30pm.

Mr Udy says 12 hours was initially thought enough as parking wardens are unlikely to police the early hours.

"The objective is to stop people parking there for forever and a day."

People who wish to "go into town and party all night" can park on neighbouring streets or "perhaps shouldn't be driving at all".

"We will go out to more consultation but 14 will be about right I think."

Parking restrictions at the terminal should to be in place by Christmas.

Eastern Courier