Building safe - for now

17:00, Jul 23 2013

A plea not to sell the former Howick Borough Council office has won a two-month reprieve - but it might not be enough to save the building.

The Howick Local Board sent its chairman to make a case to Auckland Council's strategy and finance committee on July 4.

"It was clearly well enough received for them to give us another two months," Michael Williams says.

The councillors asked the board to develop the business case to retain 34 Moore St, Howick, for community use but the board has been unable to start.

"I think their expectations that the staff are able to help us within a two-month period are overly ambitious," Mr Williams says.

"It's a common issue that we have where we just can't seem to find any of the staff who will assist.

"It's from having an organisation that's 6000 people that's come together from seven different organisations and still hasn't settled down.

"And it's from having more people than are needed in some places and fewer than we need in others."


Eastern Courier