Busy teen is Botany hero

16:00, Dec 12 2013
Shaanil Senarath-Dassanayake
YOUNG HERO: Seventeen-year-old Shaanil Senarath-Dassanayake has just been recognised as the Botany Young Hero for the month of November. 

Shaanil Senarath-Dassanayake is a hero - the Botany Town Centre Young Hero.

The Sri Lankan-born teenager, who has just graduated from Macleans College, has been recognised in the monthly awards for her service to the East Auckland community.

The 17-year-old, who plans to study law and commerce at the University of Auckland, says she is really honoured by the award.

"It's so nice to be appreciated this way. I don't do things to be recognised though - I do it with others in mind."

Among the several ways that Shaanil contributes to the community are her work as a teen presenter on the Randerana Radio Programme, her singing in barbershop quartet Dolce and volunteer work for charities.

Shaanil says that working in a big group is more powerful.


"It makes a bigger impact and is actually a lot more profound. You can achieve more."

Botany Town Centre senior marketing manager Desiree Clark says it has been heart-warming to see stories of the great things young people in the community have been doing during the three months the awards programme has been running.

"Shaanil's contribution to the community through her volunteer work sets an example for the strength and generosity our young people are capable of. We wish her every success for her future," Ms Clark says.

Nominations for the December Botany Town Centre Young Hero will close on December 20.

Voting will then be open from December 21 to 31.

To nominate someone, email a short blurb about them, and a photo, plus contact details for them and yourself to botany young hero@ampbotany.co.nz.

The winner will receive a $300 Botany gift card and double movie pass from Hoyts Botany Downs.

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