Drive to the conditions

16:00, Dec 12 2013
Car crash
LUCKY ESCAPE: The driver of this vehicle received only minor injuries.

After two car crashes in the same afternoon on the main road to Maraetai police are reminding people to drive to the conditions.

Nobody was seriously injured on December 5 but it was a wet day, Senior Sergeant Alison Brand says.

Whether or not the weather was a factor in these crashes, all motorists need to remember that rain after a dry spell can make roads slippery, she says - "particularly when there are twists and bends, and on roads that people aren't so familiar with".

Police received several calls to the first accident, at the intersection of Whitford-Maraetai and Henson roads about 12.40pm.

Ms Brand says a woman from the Pohutukawa Coast was reported to be trapped in her vehicle but managed to get out by the time police arrived.

She was admitted to hospital with minor to moderate injuries.

The second crash happened about 4.30pm on Whitford Rd about 100 metres east of Mangemangeroa Bridge.

A car being driven towards Howick left the road and rolled.

The male driver suffered cuts to his face.


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