Stone's throw terror

LUCKY BREAK: Sonya Kim was lucky the stone that cracked her windscreen didn’t injure her.
LUCKY BREAK: Sonya Kim was lucky the stone that cracked her windscreen didn’t injure her.

A woman has been left terrified of driving on the motorway after her windscreen was cracked by a boy throwing stones off an overbridge.

Papatoetoe resident Sonya Kim was driving home from church along State Highway 20 on the evening of January 5 when she noticed two boys on the bridge at the exit to the airport.

One was looking straight at her approaching car while the other ran along the bridge and then stopped abruptly, holding something in his hand.

Ms Kim says she was immediately reminded of Taupo man Chris Currie, who was killed in 2005 when then 14-year-old Ngatai Reweti dropped a concrete slab on to his car from a southern motorway overbridge at Princes St in Otahuhu.

"I thought, ‘What if they do that to me?' I wanted to stop but there were cars behind me. I was so scared."

One of the boys threw a stone straight towards her car, cracking the windscreen.

"It was so loud. I thought I had been shot."

Ms Kim pulled the car over and called the police but the boys had long gone by the time they arrived, she says.

The windscreen had a baseball-sized hole and needed to be replaced, setting the relief teacher back about $300.

She's also been left fearful of driving to church and back.

"When I drove there last week, every bridge I passed I felt like I had to pull over. I feel like I had a nightmare."

Counties Manukau police west area commander Inspector Jason Hewett says incidents of this sort "do happen from time to time".

It's a "real concern" for police and one they take very seriously, he says.

"If anyone gets caught they'd be charged under the Crimes Act with endangering transport, which carries a penalty of 14 years imprisonment.

"If anyone was killed they'd be facing manslaughter charges."

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