Police hot on trail of fire extinguisher pair

16:00, Jan 23 2014
Inspector Wendy Spiller
Inspector Wendy Spiller.

Two people claiming to be council workers are being sought by Counties Manukau police.

They approached a business trying to sell fire extinguishers.

Police say an East Auckland employee got suspicious when one of the Indian salespeople insisted on being paid in cash to avoid GST.

"The business employee who was approached by the scammers in East Tamaki did the right thing by checking their identification and the legitimacy of the business," Inspector Wendy Spiller says.

The couple produced a yellow identification card that only featured a photograph and name.

Both later also claimed to be from an American company Aerosfire.com.


But police say this is probably a false business front.

The man and woman became frustrated and verbally abusive as it became clear a sale was not going to be made.

They were asked to leave and fled in a white Toyota RAV4, possibly with four other family members.

It is the latest incident of scammers targeting businesses by posing as representatives of a fake company.

Police say it's likely the same sales approach will be used again.

"We want to ensure that no-one gets conned by this scam, and so we are looking for as much information on the people involved to ensure we can identify them as soon as possible," Ms Spiller says.

Business owners should pass on information such as vehicle registration numbers and descriptions if they encounter any suspicious people.

Call Counties Manukau police on 250 2800 with any information.

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