Support young walkers

16:00, Jan 28 2014

It's better for new entrants to walk to school than be dropped off at the gate - but they need to be supervised.

That's the view of Senior Constable Adele White from the Howick police.

Schools will be open again from this week and Ms White says walking can help reduce traffic chaos at the gate.

But particular care is needed around younger children walking to school.

"Parents must acknowledge that 5-year-olds are not yet able to make road safety decisions for themselves such as judging the speed of traffic or identifying dangers."

Ms White says trekking to school with older students or as part of a walking school bus teaches children necessary skills to become roadwise.

She says police are aware many parents dropping children off on the first few days of the new term park illegally.

Ms White asks all motorists to "remember the rules" and give support to school patrols who are often new in the job at this time of year.


Eastern Courier