MP takes conservation on board

16:00, Jan 28 2014
SURVEYING CONSERVATION: Colin Percy, Auckland Labour MP Phil Twyford, Moana Tamaariki-Pohe and Jim Sinclair consider the state of the West Tamaki Estuary and ways in which the community can help to preserve it for future generations.

Nothing is being done about plastic bags and up-turned trollies polluting our waterways, Jim Sinclair says.

The Otara Estuary Protection Society president met Phil Twyford at the West Tamaki Estuary to show the Labour MP how bad things are.

The meeting was part of Mr Twyford's 50km kayak around the Waitemata Harbour to draw attention to marine conservation issues.

Mr Sinclair says the biggest issue is that no-one is taking an interest.

"The council and government aren't doing anything to help the situation. We need to wake people up. It annoys me that people don't understand the importance of caring for the waterway."

He says members of the society have spent more than 50 years trying to protect the waterways and are sick of the lack of action.


Moana Tamaariki-Pohe, a member of the Hauraki Gulf Forum, was also present for the meeting.

She says freshwater runoff and increasing amounts of mud from building subdivisions have been deposited in the estuary.

"At the Pakuranga/Panmure/Otahuhu catchment there is no life," she says.

"But water protects us all so something must be done.

"By bringing back the human side of places and learning the significance of the history, people would be more inclined to take care of things."

Mr Twyford says decades of development have put extreme pressure on Auckland's waterways

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