Busy time for Coastguard

16:00, Feb 06 2014
Step Dave
BUSY TIME: Howick Coastguard attended seven callouts last weekend.

Sinking boats, a capsized kayak and a few break downs have kept Howick Coastguard busy on the water.

The unit attended seven callouts last weekend after several quieter than normal days.

Operations manager Alan Martin says along with towing three boats the crew found themselves in a few high pressure situations.

"Often the services required from us by boaties are preventable like flat batteries and running out of fuel," he says.

"It is when we get into life saving situations that the in-depth training our crews are required to undertake and their ability to handle difficult and stressful situations stands out."

On February 2 the crew was called out to rescue four people off Motuihe Island after their 6 metre boat hit a rock and sunk.

"This turned into a medical emergency for one of the people who among other issues had been hurt when the boat hit the rock," Mr Martin says.

The man was strapped into a stretcher for the journey back to Howick Beach where an ambulance rushed him to hospital for further investigation.


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