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Willie Jackson

05:00am 19 Apr 2014 This week I attended the funeral of one of the country's finest sports producers and writers, John Matheson.

Mad on Sport

Bring on the Steelers

05:00am 25 Mar 2014  I'm very excited to have received an invitation to see the world champion Black Sox take on Australia in a three-game softball series.

Off Pat

Why is the Beehive 'radio inactive'?

05:00am 09 Apr 2014  Another chapter over Fukushima and fish.

Maxim Institute

History repeating?

05:00am 24 Mar 2014  Autumn, 1938. German jackboots clatter over cobblestones in the town of Eger. The soldiers barely have time to settle in before Adolf Hitler arrives to joyous tears and arms raised in salute. Eger joins the Third Reich.

Running Auckland

The Body vs The Mind

05:00am 21 Mar 2014  Last week I wrote about becoming a process-driven athlete rather than just getting bogged down by the results. This week I'm carrying on that discussion by referencing a wonderful study on parenting.  "Parenting? Isn't this a blog about running?!" Well, in a way an athlete's mind forms the role of the parent and the athlete's body the child.   The mind is directing the body into how much sleep, what sort of food and how much of it, what exercise, and what other learning needs to take place in order for the athlete to develop-just like a parent directs the child in order to develop the human being. 


What's the best part about being from the Shore?

05:00am 01 Aug 2013  Richard Hills and Joseph Bergin discuss the North Shore and what makes it great.

Out of my league

Warriors end season on a low note

05:00am 09 Sep 2013  Any chance the Warriors had of playing finals footy were destroyed on Saturday night after a dismal showing against the St George Dragons.

Tales from the Crypt

Howard lived fast and well

05:00am 25 Mar 2014  Motor cars were still something of a novelty for many people when Howard Cecil Dawson bought his in December 1914.

Dark Matter

Fiji Indians - Trapped in the gulag of the Pacific

05:00am 04 Apr 2014  New Zealand and Australia have both lifted travel sanctions against Fiji. Members of the Fijian military can now waltz into Auckland and Sydney whenever they want to. It seems all is forgiven and the military - which deposed democratically elected governments - is once again kosher in the eyes of Oceania's two big democracies.

Oily Rag

Bad debt and very bad debt

05:00am 24 Feb 2014  Interest rates are on the rise. The Governor of the Reserve Bank has for some time now been saying interest rates will rise and most economists expect rates to rise by 2% within two years. For most people that means they will be paying more on interest, and have less for the other things.

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