A bad learning curve

Last updated 08:43 30/10/2012

Question: Which of these words is spelled incorrectly?

1. Exictement
2. Circumfernce
3. Gymnaium
4. Grocerise
5. Manufactaring

Answer: None of them if you happen to be the person overseeing my 11 year-old son's homework instructions.

All five appeared in junior's spelling notebook - obviously copied down in a hurry but amazingly checked off as good to go by his teacher.

Thankfully my wife picked up on the errors before our boy consigned them to memory.

My 12 year-old daughter proudly displayed a "good copy" of her homework that same day.

It was the second version of draft that was also given the green light by her teacher.
Included were the words:

1. Iresponsable
2. Outragous
3. Unbalebvably
4. Vichious
5. Anoying.

Presumably these teachers know how to spell so I can only assume they have both given my children's work an ineffective once over lightly glance before moving on to other things.

Not good enough.

I have bemoaned the state of  our education systemin the past - and in particular its effect on my two kids.

I have long supported a shift to performance based accountability in a bid to get my children the kind of education they need and deserve.

But time ticks by and many teachers and their cloth capped advocates continue to resist change.

I too remain unmoved in my view, especially after this week's experience involving two students, two teachers and two different schools.

Very little seems to have improved since my children started their schooling five and six years ago.

There has been much talk and little constructive action while they - and, I suspect, many others, have moved slowly and alarmingly quickly through a seriously flawed system.

These kids are the face of tomorrow. And that, through no fault of their own, makes the future look fairly bleak for all of us.

- (Live Matches)


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