Last chance to visit museum before big move to Mt Smart

20:25, Jul 30 2012

If you haven't yet visited Sir Peter's Sports Museum and NRL shop at 23 Holmes Rd in Manurewa your last chance will be this Saturday between 9am and noon.

After that the museum will be closed permanently and the unique collection of sports memorabilia will be relocated to Mt Smart Stadium.

Unfortunately, visitor numbers at Holmes Rd have not been up to expectations and Mt Smart Stadium, because it is a much larger public arena, will provide an ideal venue for displaying the collection effectively and for wider public viewing.

You have to give these things a go and I am disappointed - not for me but for the huge team of volunteers who would turn up to run the place.

So I have to offer them a huge vote of thanks. The volunteers contributed strongly to the museum over the past 18 months and without them we wouldn't have seen all those smiles on the faces of those who came through.

It's not the first time you will have heard me say this but the greatest gift anyone can give is their time and the volunteers gifted many hours in creating something special that greatly impressed all those who visited.


Don't forget either that this has never been a league museum. Sure, there's lots of league memorabilia but there is also a Rugby World Cup Hall of Fame, a racing section, motor-racing displays and much more.

So if you visit this Saturday, not only will you enjoy the museum displays but you will be a winner with some great bargains in the NRL shop, like Warriors car flags at only $10 each and signed Vodafone Warriors and Kiwi jerseys only $100 each while they last.

And speaking of my beloved Warriors, oh dear, travelling all the way to Perth is a nightmare for any team and ours got worse on Saturday night when we lost 24-22 to Manly.

You will have all seen it or heard about it by now but we are the only side in NRL history to lose from 18-0 up two weeks in a row.

We sure are drinking at the last chance saloon with our hopes of a place in the top eight hanging by a thread.

But a fan does not turn their back on their team and I thought the support for the boys in Perth was magnificent. It put us to shame really so I hope plenty will turn up at Mt Smart this weekend as we take on the Cronulla Sharks.

I know I'll be there, my disappointment at our losses to Newcastle and Manly behind me, and shouting as ever for the team.

Manukau Courier