Give me a boost

23:01, Aug 07 2012

Last week saw me struck down with the worst flu ever. I was in bed for four days straight, pumped full of panadol, coldrex and any other pill that people said might help in some small way.

The problem with me is I have the worst immune system around. I catch everything sneezed in my direction and I pick up whatever bug is doing the rounds at kindy far more often than my germ-carrying children do.

So after surviving my four days of bed-ridden hell I've decided to look at some sustainable ways I can boost my immunity and hopefully ward off illness in the future. The most obvious way I can think of is boosting my fruit and vegetable intake, which is already quite high but may need improving.

After a bit of investigation I have come up with a power list of things I should be growing and consuming to keep myself in optimum health.

First off I discovered that one of the vegetables currently doing nothing in my boggy patch is a great immunity booster. Cauliflower is a beneficial food to eat when ill as it helps the body fight off infection, due to high levels of glutathione. Its unfortunate my plants never managed to provide me with any vegetables to sustain me through my worst flu ever...

Next up, is citrus.  In particular, Pink or Red Grapefruit varieties which are full of vitamin C and bioflavanoids. A lemon tree would probably be a sensible investment too, given how often I'm sipping on hot toddy's throughout winter.


Blueberries come in at number three. I've tried (and failed) to grow blueberries before, but I'm thinking of having another crack as they are an extremely beneficial berry. My mother-in-law claims they keep dementia at bay and they are also a great immunity booster as they are full of vitamin C and vitamin A, which is involved in antibody production.

Another great berry is the Strawberry. Now these we can grow and, if the birds don't get em first I plan on gorging myself on them all summer long as they too are full of vitamins A and C. On top of this, the seeds on a Strawberry also contain minerals that support a healthy immune system.

Finally there are Carrots. It is my new found intention to fill half my vege patch with carrots come spring, as carrots are an awesome superfood. They are packed full of beta carotene, which helps to increase the number of helper T cells, natural killer cells and infection-fighting cells in your body. It's also a powerful antioxidant and apparently there's a saying that goes 'a carrot a day, keeps the heart surgeon away'. Who knew!

So there you have it- my immunity garden is beginning to take shape. Of course I can't plant anything yet, but come spring I'll be transforming my back yard into an health lover's paradise. Take that flu.

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