Students ditch public transport

17:00, Jul 16 2014
LONG HAUL: Students travelling from Mangere will not agree with this bus ad.

Frustrated student commuters in Mangere are tired of buses being constantly late and taking too long to get them into the city centre.

Auckland University student Shama Shabab says she is missing classes because her bus is usually 30 minutes late and takes 1 hours to get to the city.

"I can't even rely on public transport any more because it takes a bloody long time to get to uni," she says.

She regularly catches the 328 or 327 to Symonds St between 6am and 10am but now she has decided to ditch the bus and drive to the city instead.

"It takes about 20 minutes to drive to uni. I can deal with that," she says.

"The cost sucks but it is less stressful than two hours of travel to get to class."


Auckland mayor Len Brown says he wants to "get people out of their cars and into trains and buses".

But Shabab says that if he wants her to use public transport he needs to improve the bus service in South Auckland.

AUT student Rukhsaar Bano says there is often an hour delay because buses will not stop when they are full.

"I'm left stranded at the bus stop because the bus is too full and I have to stay and wait for the next bus which comes after an hour.

"To be honest Mangere buses have the worst service."

Brown admits "we have some work to do around public transport".

"We need to have better managed public transport available," he says.

A tenth of Aucklanders use public transport and he is keen to see that improve.

"The whole infrastructure of public transport is going through a massive transformation," Brown says.

"Auckland Transport is embarking on a review of every single bus route."

Auckland Transport media spokesman Mark Hannan says plans are in place to better manage buses at peak times.

"The number of people using services is constantly under review and changes are regularly made to meet demand," he says.

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