Teachers tortured to raise awareness

17:00, Aug 20 2014
STOP TORTURE: Aorere College students Prabhjot Kainth and Shinoy Mani stand in front of a banner they created for Amnesty International’s global Stop Torture campaign.

Waxing your legs is probably as painful as giving birth to twins, teacher Garreth Haddoe reckons.

"I would say the pain would be equivalent - or even worse. Getting hit by a train would probably hurt less."

About 200 Aorere College students each paid a gold coin donation to watch Haddoe and five of his male colleagues get waxed as part of the Freedom Challenge for Amnesty International's global Stop Torture campaign.

GOOD CAUSE: Teachers Garreth Haddoe and Josh Andrews do not mind getting their legs waxed for a good cause.

It aims to shed light on eight young Azerbaijani human rights activists who have been thrown into jail and tortured.

Haddoe and his fellow teachers did not mind suffering for the cause.

"It feels like being stripped off your manhood. The pain gets worse after the seventh or eighth strip. It's stinging," he said.


"But it's for a good cause and a good chance to connect with students. I admire all women who go through this pain - I can see why some just use razors."

The idea to strip away their hair came from student leaders Prabhjot Kainth and Shinoy Mani. They wanted to showcase what pain and torture feels like as part of the Freedom Challenge.

"We needed to promote Stop Torture but we didn't want to do something too torturous or it would be hypocritical," Prabhjot said.

"We wanted to do something with the teachers and thought of waxing - people would pay to see that." Freedom Challenge Week is a yearly event. More than 50 schools around the country are taking part this year.

Amnesty International youth activism intern Louise Daprini said: "We are trying to bring worldwide attention to these [eight] boys, get them out of jail and stop the torture."

"Torture is the worst abuse of human rights you can have."

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