Charm's luck needed to find chain

17:00, Sep 04 2014
Geraldine Carden
TREASURED: Geraldine Carden, right, wearing the necklace that is now lost.

It was the only worldly possession she ever wanted to be buried with and now it's gone.

Geraldine Carden wore a necklace almost every day for much of her life - two charm bracelets linked by a chain, adorned with pendants, each representing a special moment in her life.

The 59-year-old Londoner who lives in Papakura said she had a jet-set lifestyle before coming to New Zealand and travelled all over the world working as a hairdresser and on film and fashion shoots.

Geraldine Carden
DEVASTATED: Geraldine Carden is pleading for help from anyone who can help find her beloved charm necklace, which she says represented her spiritual connection with God as well as a lifetime of memories.

Through her uncle, who was a booking agent in London, she met Neil Diamond at a dinner in 1977.

She said Diamond gave her a seagull charm to add to her necklace.

"I was so awestruck," she said.


She said there is also a silver Playboy bunny from Hugh Hefner and a 1920s St Christopher pendant from Phil Collins.

Others include a Cancerian sign given by her mum, the letter "G" gifted by her dad two months before he died and a silver butterfly given by her grandson.

But she said the most special to her are a Church of England cross and a charm bought when she visited Vatican City in 2000.

"They were both blessed together [by the Pope] for me. They were all special in their own way but it was those two that meant a lot to me," Carden said.

"Spiritually, [the necklace] was my connection to God. I felt safe when I wore it. It made me feel strong in my faith."

Carden was running errands on Station Rd in Otahuhu and Ronwood Ave in Manukau when she discovered her necklace was missing. She said she was not wearing it that day and suspects it fell out of her bag.

After a frantic search in her car, at home and in and around the places she visited, she reported the missing item to the Papakura police station.

"It's in my will and both my sons know that's the only thing I want to be buried with," Carden said.

"I have to believe someone will see this and return it."

If anyone has any information on the missing necklace, email, or phone the Papakura police 09 295 0200.

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