Pruning rules expected

16:00, Sep 28 2009

Manukau residents are being warned to be cautious with the pruning shears when new laws on trimming trees come into force on Thursday.

The revised Resource Management Act allows trimming of non-scheduled trees on private land from October 1 but it’s up to each council to decide what that means.

Manukau City Council is due to set out its rules this week.

But Auckland City Council has already decided what it considers appropriate trimming under the new laws. It says residents can trim tree canopies by "no more than 20 percent of live growth" in any one year, in line with accepted arboriculture practice and without damaging the tree’s health.

A qualified practitioner can trim up to 30 percent of the live growth from a tree canopy in any one year.

In both cases the natural form and branch habit of the tree species must be maintained.

Auckland city councillor Aaron Bhatnagar says it’s still best for residents to use an arborist to trim trees on their property "to avoid tree and property damage and to prevent accidents".


Manukau Courier