Show in tune with kids

21:39, Mar 10 2011
STEP IT UP: Musician Vince Harder, left, will be treating audiences to the first live performance of his new track at Steps on Stage, a concert organised by Monty Betham for his Steps for Life Foundation.

Vince Harder, J Williams and Monty Betham want you to get up and dance.

And they want you to do it at the Steps on Stage concert this month.

The concert's part of the The Ultimate Family Day Out which will launch Betham's Steps for Life Foundation on March 20.

The foundation aims to battle obesity in south Auckland youngsters.

Its 12-week programme for high school-aged kids kicks off in April and will focus on nutrition, physical activity, psychological issues and family engagement.

Vince Harder is doing his bit for the foundation by performing his latest single I Want This Forever live for the first time.

He describes the new sound as an ''up-tempo dance song'' and he'll be taking to the stage with his dancers.

J Williams is also performing in support of the foundation along with performances by dance crews including Sample, LOL, Supremacy and Sillymockers.

All of the money from concert ticket sales will go back into the foundation's pilot programme.

''I hope with our performance kids will get thinking and being positive,'' Harder says.

Harder, 28, knew as a teenager that he had a voice and says he's always been determined when it comes to life and his music.

''The message is awesome  helping kids with obesity and their health it's a really positive message.''

Betham says music is a key component of physical activity in the foundation's programme and when it comes to losing weight it makes people move and feel good.

''Music is what inspires the whole south Auckland community everyone loves music.''

People who buy tickets by March 15 will go into a draw to meet Williams and Harder backstage.

The Steps on Stage concert starts at 4pm on March 20 at TelstraClear Pacific Events Centre. Tickets are $25 from

High school-aged kids in year 9 to year 13 can still sign up to take part in the pilot programme.

Click here for criteria and application information.


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