New carpark will free up land

22:14, May 23 2011

A new multi-storey carpark building will provide 680 parking spaces and free up valuable land in Manukau city centre for future development.

The $14 million project, which Auckland Transport inherited from the former Manukau City Council, is located on the corner of Davies and Ronwood avenues.

Auckland Transport says construction will start in June and it's expected to be completed by April 2012.

The design is a mid-block concept, allowing the carpark to be surrounded by future commercial and retail buildings, to lessen its visual impact on the public and surroundings.

It will have a combination of public and leaseholder parking areas.

Auckland Transport major projects manager Rick Walden says providing parking on the site fits with the future plans of the centre.


"The lack of parking for businesses has been a problem for many years and is constraining development in the city centre.

The vast majority of parking in Manukau city centre is short-term for the Westfield shopping centre.

"The carpark is in a strategic location and future development of the site will attract a mixed use of commercial and retail business to the area.

"It will also free up ground level land currently leased for parking, allowing the sites to be developed."

The new tertiary campus, Manukau rail link and workers in the area will also benefit, Mr Walden says.

The work will include an upgrade to the nearby Ronwood Ave intersection to ease traffic movement through the area.

Park-and-ride options for the new Manukau station and other sites are still under consideration.

Manukau Courier