Trampoline success

01:43, Jan 31 2009

Counties Manukau won eight gold, 12 silver and four bronze medals at the North Island trampoline and tumbling championships in Mangere recently.

Gold medallists were: Kierran Tuhi, men’s elite trampoline; Jordyn McLean, women’s elite tumbling; Brian Armstrong, men’s elite tumbling; Campbell Main, men’s grade one tumbling; Kieran Miers, men’s grade three trampoline; Olivia Gillott, women’s grade three tumbling; Philip Henry/Nick Quirk, men’s elite synchronised trampoline and Nelson McCallum/Dylan Schmidt, men’s A grade synchronised trampoline.

Silver medallists were: Hayley Rohde, women’s grade three trampoline; Patricia Dwyer, women’s elite trampoline; Philip Henry, men’s elite tumbling; Olivia Deadman, women’s elite tumbling; Timothy Molloy, men’s grade three trampoline; Hayley Rohde, women’s grade three trampoline; Nelson McCallum, men’s pre-elite double-mini trampoline; Jordan Keyzer, men’s grade one double-mini trampoline; Timothy Molloy, men’s grade two double-mini trampoline; Melissa Thompson, women’s grade two double-mini trampoline; Jessica Collings, women’s grade three tumbling and Phillip Joll/Jordan Keyzer, men’s A grade synchronised trampoline.

Bronze medallists were: Jordyn McLean, women’s elite double-mini trampoline; Nelson McCallum, men’s grade one trampoline; Sean Pearce, men’s grade three trampoline and Danon Driscoll, women’s grade two tumbling.

Natalie Rogers won two gold medals in the Counties Trampoline Challenge – the women’s grade four trampoline and women’s grade three double-mini trampoline.

Other winners were Dean Gillard in the men’s grade four trampoline and Olivia Gillott/Natalie Rogers in the women’s B grade synchronised trampoline. Gillott also won silver in the women’s grade three double-mini trampoline.


Manukau Courier