Bright Eyes finds a future

20:34, Aug 15 2012
HAPPY HOME: Bright Eyes and new owner Kevin Plowright.

A dog who was abused, neglected and left to die in a driveway has found a loving home.

The condition of Staffy-cross Bright Eyes shocked animal lovers nationwide when she was found dumped in a cardboard box on Alfriston Rd, Manurewa, back in January.

She was emaciated and so weak she could not stand when she was brought to the SPCA by a member of the public.

"Her bones were showing through her skin, her claws were seriously overgrown and she was close to death," SPCA Auckland chief executive Christine Kalin says.

Now SPCA Auckland senior inspector Kevin Plowright, who has fostered the puppy since March, has formally adopted her.

The change in her physical health is nothing short of miraculous, he says.


But the psychological scars may stay with her forever.

"She has had behavioural problems and can be aggressive around food. Food once meant literally life or death to her so it was worth fighting for.

"She can also become aggressive when she's scared. But we've been working hard and she is now a lot more relaxed when eating and calmer when meeting new people."

Ms Kalin describes Bright Eyes' case as one of the most extreme examples of animal cruelty and neglect the SPCA has ever witnessed.

Her abuser has never been found despite widespread media coverage and the best efforts of police and SPCA.

Mr Plowright describes Bright Eyes as a dog "that saw the worst of human nature and yet never lost the ability to love".

Her recovery was made possible by the donations and words of encouragement of people from all over the world, he says.

"Everyone played a part in this success. We can all be proud of what we have achieved.”

Manukau Courier