Stadium closed for repairs

17:00, Aug 20 2012

Floor repairs expected to cost $170,000 have forced the closure of Otara Leisure Centre's stadium.

The 10-week closure comes after serious flooding in late May caused extensive damage to the wooden sprung parquet floor. More than 2000 litres of water had leaked from a fire hose, forcing $15,000 worth of repairs.

The stadium was closed again in mid June to deal with water bubbles that formed under the floor because of water retention.

Centre manager Mike Ibbertson says every effort was made to dry out and repair the floor but "the impact of water damage on wood is very difficult to rectify".

"We are acquiring quotes for the replacement of the floor and working with Auckland Council's insurer on the claim, which we expect to be in the vicinity of $170,000. "

Mr Ibbertson called the flood "an extremely unfortunate accident" and says the focus now is on repairing the floor and getting teams back on the court.


"We estimate the loss of revenue from cancellations and the closure of the stadium to amount to around $20,000.

"As much as possible, leisure centre staff have tried to rearrange bookings to other venues to keep competitions running.

"Some programmes have been transferred to available space in the Te Puke O Tara Community Centre," said Mr Ibbertson.

Events affected by the closure will either be cancelled or transferred to other recreation stadiums within Manukau.

The stadium is due to reopen mid to late October.

Manukau Courier