'Shades' creator caught off guard by controversy

20:51, Aug 29 2012

The man behind the 50 Shades of South Auckland storm says he had no idea the gag would cause such a stir.

And he reckons he might've chosen his words differently if he'd realised the effect it would have.

"It was one of those things I put on Facebook to get a couple of likes and it turned into something that exploded beyond what I ever thought," Tim Gregory of Waiuku says.

"If I had known the audience was going to be so huge I would've taken most of the crudeness out of it."

The spoof on 2012's biggest selling book Fifty Shades of Grey talks about standing in the Winz queue on dole day and finding love behind a supermarket.

Mr Gregory admits "naivety and the power of social media" got the better of him in what was meant as a joke for friends and family.


"I'd say 99 per cent of people took it for what it was - a laugh. The 1 per cent who objected were people that didn't know me or my background and presumed it was coming from outside of South Auckland having a cheap dig at the area."

And as a homegrown South Aucklander he sees past the stereotypes.

"Every area of Auckland has its stereotypes but as we know not all West Aucklanders have mullets and drive Kingswoods and not all North Shore residents are like what you see on Go Girls."

And his response to all the noise? "Life is too short to take too seriously."

Manukau Courier