Art on a grand scale

16:00, Oct 17 2012
Te Tuhi
BLOWN UP: Te Tuhi Youth Art Award winner Sean Hill with the 10-metre billboard of his design.

Every day Sean Hill's sister passes the billboard at TelstraClear Pacific Events Centre on her way to work.

But this month her trip will be that much sweeter as she looks upon the 10-metre billboard covered with her brother's award winning design.

Sean was named winner of the Te Tuhi Youth Art Award last Thursday. The award is run in collaboration with the Southside Arts Festival and Sean's billboard will stay up for the month-long event.

The Papakura High School student says he is awed by the chance to see his artwork on such a large scale.

"To see it so big and for everyone else to be able to see it, everyone seems to really like it."

Sean says his winning design was the result of the intensive workshop that was run for the five senior high school finalists.


The design burst from nothing and morphed into something he is pleased with.

"I thought about the watch because I had no other ideas, I was going to do a face but then that didn't work out for me, so I just made the watch and went with it.

‘It's about how people would react in time, like you are happy, you are sad - it is all the different faces of what time represents and how a watch is more than that."

The 17 year old says his design shows where he wants to progress. Next year he will study at AUT, and he hopes to work in animation.

Te Tuhi marketing manager Simran Saseve-Dale says this year the award received the most entries and the level of artwork was outstandingly high.

"From the 70-odd submissions there were 35 who made it on to the shortlist, so that shows the quality of work."

The shortlist was then whittled down to five finalists: Iva Parapunova, Macleans College; Amanda Wijiya, Sancta Maria College; Alice Ward-Allen, Pukekohe High School; and Sholto Buck, Selwyn College.

Ms Saseve-Dale says the Art Award acts as an excellent teaser for university and Sean won more than just a title.

"It is an opportunity that a lot of people will never get, to have his artwork displayed on such a prominent billboard in a location that has thousands of people viewing it every day."

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