Big tick given Wero

A whitewater rafting stadium proposed for Manukau's Pacific Events Centre has been given a glowing recommendation by Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development.

The Auckland Council asked ATEED to peer review the project after concerns were raised about the economic benefit it would bring to the city.

ATEED has found the development, known as Wero, would generate at least 110 fulltime equivalent jobs and contribute $7.4 million in GDP to South Auckland each year.

And it says Wero is likely to exceed the projected expectations.

The potential benefits of youth development, increased tourism and the attraction of international sporting events, were other benefits.

Counties Manukau Pacific Trust chairman Sir Noel Robinson says he's delighted with the findings.

"We hope these findings will silence some of the naysayers of the Wero project which has now been proven to have significant social and economic benefits for the community in the south as well as the wider Auckland region."

He says the project will attract international events.

It will also provide New Zealand's Olympic team with an accessible training facility.

If it's given the go-ahead, the $30 million project would be part-funded by the sale of surplus land at the events centre, projected to raise $20 million.

The other $10 million would come from the private sector.

Manukau Courier