Missing trailer shows up

16:00, Dec 10 2012

Users of the Mangere Bridge boat ramp can breathe a sigh of relief.

Bill Kirk's mud-pushing trailer, which he uses to clear the sticky silt from the ramp, has reappeared as mysteriously as it vanished.

The Manukau Courier ran a story about the missing trailer last Tuesday. The Mangere Bridge resident says the trailer, which was stolen from the boat ramp in late November, was returned last week.

It had "been chopped up a bit" but the vandals had tied a part that had been removed back on, he says.

"I'm busy repairing it and it'll probably cost a couple hundred dollars to get it together again."

Mr Kirk has used the modified trailer to keep the boat ramp clear of mud for the past decade.

Many local boaties say without his efforts the ramp would be unpleasant and even dangerous to use.


Manukau Courier