Online dog registration delay in Manukau

17:00, Jul 22 2013

Dog owners are in for a year-long wait before they can register new pets online.

But residents of the former Manukau city have a more immediate frustration - they're unable to renew existing registrations on the internet.

Instead they have to pay in person at a council service centre, PostShop or by posting a cheque.

All other areas are able to renew registrations by credit card on the Auckland Council's website.

A council spokeswoman says the former Manukau City Council didn't have systems in place for online payment.

Databases and systems are being merged and online payments should be an option for for next year's registration, scheduled for July 2014, she says.


But that doesn't help South Auckland resident Andrea Ratu, who expressed her frustration in a letter to the Manukau Courier.

"The council already have a hard time getting dog owners to pay the registration so you would think they would be willing to accept different methods of payment."

Ms Ratu says she doesn't own a chequebook and council service centres are only open during business hours, making them difficult for fulltime workers to get to.

"All I want to do is pay my dogs rego fees, I can't pay via online banking or credit card. This is ridiculous," she says.

An email exchange shows Ms Ratu wasn't informed by council staff that she could pay the fee at at any council service centre or PostShop.

The council spokeswoman says online banking is being considered as a payment option, along with online credit card payments.

But not having an online payment available doesn't lead to more unregistered dogs, she says.

Dogs often remain unregistered because of a lack of awareness that it's required or an inability to pay, she says.

Call the council's call centre on 301 0101 or go to for more information.

Manukau Courier