Are micro cars the way to go?

GET MOVING: Toa Greening wants to bring micro cars to Auckland motorways.
Scott Morgan
GET MOVING: Toa Greening wants to bring micro cars to Auckland motorways.

Are micro cars the answer to getting Auckland traffic moving?

Manurewa resident Toa Greening thinks so and is taking action to get the cars on the city's motorways.

"Basically with these smaller vehicles you can solve traffic congestion," he says.

Auckland Transport and the New Zealand Transport Agency are spending billions of dollars on new roads but micro cars could help make better use of existing infrastructure, Mr Greening says.

The electric cars that seat one or two people could travel two per lane in a staggered formation like motorbikes, which would reduce congestion.

Research he discovered from Belgium shows people shifting from cars to motorbikes relieved congestion by 25 per cent.

"It'd be next to impossible to convince people to move to motorbikes here.

"If they got a small car that's as safe as a normal car, it might have a chance."

He hopes in the long term either transport organisation will provide a $435 million loan for the purchase of 15,000 cars, which are manufactured in the United States.

The cars would be leased to commuters who drive in Auckland's most congested spots, particularly around the central city.

Mr Greening will put his case to Auckland Council's infrastructure committee tomorrow.

But in the meantime he's hoping to attract some seed funding that would allow him to bring a few cars in for a trial.

Contact Mr Greening at or on 027 439 3163 for more information.

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