Church sits comfortably with funding

16:00, Dec 05 2013
Ruth Gordon
HELP APPRECIATED: Member of Otahuhu’s Holy Trinity Anglican Church vestry Ruth Gordon says she is pleased they received funding to fix the chairs in the 85-year-old church.

Step inside Otahuhu's Holy Trinity Anglican Church and the dark wooden seats look brand new.

But they didn't always look that good.

Until this year, the seats were cracked and broken from decades of use, but thanks to funding from the Auckland Council the church vestry has been able to give the seats a much-needed makeover.

Vestry member Ruth Gordon says there were wooden connections on the backs of the seats which had broken off, loosened or developed cracks over time.

The seats also had large cracks in them and overall "they have had quite a battering".

The church received $6325 for the complete repair and restoration of the seats.


Ms Gordon says the vestry applied for the Manukau heritage item assistance fund after a council member visited and suggested it apply.

The church has some money from investments and property and there is also a market every Thursday in the car park at the back of the church. But other than that, the church doesn't have a great income, she says.

It's the first time it has applied for funding.

"It's nice to know [the funding] exist. It's a good thing," she says.

Work started on the church chairs in July and took about three months to complete.

The Holy Trinity Anglican Church was built on Mason Ave and consecrated in 1928 by Archbishop Averill.

It was the third Anglican church to be built in the area, with the first being erected in 1851 on Church St at what is now the Holy Trinity Memorial park. That building was destroyed in a fire in 1912.

A second church built on the present site was moved to Mangere East in 1928.

Call the Auckland Council on 301 0101 for information on the Manukau heritage item assistance fund.

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