Water, water everywhere

16:00, Dec 11 2013
Jannene Rapson
SWAMPED: Long-time Mangere Bridge resident Jannene Rapson is fed up with the water that has been pooling in the reserve behind her house for the past two years.

The reserve behind Jannene Rapson's house resembles a swamp.

For the past two years excess water has stagnated in the small reserve on Mona Ave in Mangere Bridge, making the area "disgusting".

Ms Rapson has lived on the street for 14 years and says water from the Mangere Inlet, which the reserve borders, always left a pool of water amid the grass but in the past it drained away naturally or dried up.

But the water hasn't been draining away for the past two years and it seems nobody wants to take responsibility for it, she says.

The build-up has turned the land into a soggy mess that attracts swarms of mosquitoes in the summer.

Ms Rapson says her son has developed painful sores because of allergic reactions to the mosquito bites.


Other children who live on the street also play in the reserve and it's an "unhygienic" and "disgusting" environment for them.

Ms Rapson is unsure of what the water may be or where it comes from but she suspects a fault with an underground pipe.

Watercare has tested the water in the reserve and found no sewerage.

Ms Rapson and her partner have laid six complaints with Auckland Council over the past two years but they have received little help with the problem.

"The council says it's Watercare's problem, Watercare says it's the council's problem," Ms Rapson says.

"No-one wants to take responsibility for it - it's no one's issue as far as they're concerned."

And the council has not responded to her queries about what's happening on the issue, she says.

When asked for a progress report by the Manukau Courier, Auckland Council parks south manager Malcolm Page says a staff member will visit the site and "investigate the reported drainage problems at the reserve".

He will also contact Ms Rapson to see if the situation can be resolved.

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