Spruce-up at airport

The landscape at Auckland Airport's main entrance is changing rapidly.

Construction is taking place to form what the airport describes as a "landscape statement" along George Bolt Drive.

It is being built to create a gateway that evokes a sense of arrival or departure for travellers and Auckland residents.

Internationally renowned landscape architect and urban designer James Lord is behind the design.

The gateway takes its inspiration from New Zealand's natural landscape, from the Auckland region's volcanic landscape, from the local Otuataua Stonefields and from jet engines.

Views of One Tree Hill and Mangere Mountain will be on display as guests leave the airport.

The project will be completed early next year.

The construction is not part of the airport shopping centre redevelopment as stated in the Manukau Courier (December 10).

It is part of a larger transformational project taking place at Auckland Airport, with the development of several public open spaces including an Outdoor Gallery and mountain bike park.

Manukau Courier