'Out there' proposal has her saying yes

Michael Koloi's proposal video puts all the others to shame - six weeks of meticulous planning culminated in an impossible-to-refuse proposal for his completely oblivious girlfriend.

He organised for Nora Aati to be at the Mangere Bridge waterfront on the pretence she was taking part in a short film.

The couple both studied drama at Unitec so "it wouldn't raise any alarm bells to get a call saying she had a role in a short film", Mike says.

In deciding how to propose, he consulted a lot of friends who were married and who had proposed in private.

"I think a lot of Pacific Island men don't really do stuff like this and Kiwis are sort of the same.

"My other mates, they all proposed to their partners in their living room or their bedroom - so it was that private.

"And there's nothing wrong with that at all because every couple is different - but I just thought I wanted to do something a little bit out there."

He had already asked Nora's parents for their permission, sneaking off to their house when he told her he was buying a Christmas tree.

Using a borrowed tarpaulin from his sister's husband, Mike made a huge banner to hang from the bridge which read NORA WILL U BE MINE 4EVA Proverbs 31.

The banner was visible through the binoculars Nora used as part of her "role" in the short film.

It didn't take long for her to realise what was going on - or for the tissues to be needed - and the proposal went off without a hitch.

The video has gone viral on the internet, surprising the couple who only posted it on Facebook for friends and family to see.

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