Family seeks photographs owner

23:36, Jan 22 2014
old photo
UNSOLVED MYSTERY: The Bennett family is searching for the subjects of an unnamed and undated photo found in the family’s old home in Otahuhu before they moved to East Auckland.

A family has been left with a mystery after moving house and is now hoping the public can help solve it.

The Bennett family lived in Otahuhu for six years before moving to Cockle Bay.

Mother Angela Bennett says she found an unexpected surprise when she was gathering her family's belongings.

"When we were packing to move out, I discovered an old photograph tucked into the back of a drawer in a cupboard," she says.

The photo shows a Maori couple standing together on a lawn in front of some parked cars.

Ms Bennett says the photo might have been taken in the 1950s or earlier but there are no names or dates written on it.

As far as she is aware, no Maori families have lived in the Otahuhu house since it was built in the 1950s, Ms Bennett says.

She hopes to find the couple, or their family, so she can return what's rightfully theirs.

"If the couple has grown old and passed away, this photo will have great sentimental value for their descendants," she says.

"It is precious and belongs back with the family."

Anyone with information relating to the photo can email angela.