Confused rabbit wins over the public

16:00, Feb 26 2014
DIRECTIONS PLEASE: Jamie Pickernell’s ‘‘Oh Crabby, I do believe we’re rather lost’’ won the people’s choice award at Auckland Botanic Gardens’ biennial sculpture exhibition.

A rather lost rabbit and his crabby mate might be a bit confused but at least they're crowd favourites.

The Jamie Pickernell sculpture won the Auckland Botanic Gardens' Sculpture in the Gardens people's choice award.

"Oh Crabby, I do believe we're rather lost!" was voted the public's favourite in the three-and-a-half month exhibition.

The decision was announced at the exhibition's closing two weeks ago.

Mr Pickernell says the opportunity to show his work to such a diverse audience is second to none.

"We all love a good story and I've really enjoyed seeing the public create their own stories for Crabby and Rabby.


"As a self-taught blacksmith, I've become an adventurer with materials, trying to make cool things. Sometimes it works," he says.

The people's choice award is sponsored by the Friends of the Auckland Botanic Gardens.

President Bill Burrill says it gives visitors a voice during the exhibition.

"It is always exciting to see which sculpture the public connect with the most. This year, only 95 votes, out of 10,000, separated Jamie Pickernell from Ben Foster's The White Horse, making it an extremely close contest."

More than 370,000 people visited Sculpture in the Gardens after it opened in November 2013.

Manukau Courier