Car rams into fire station

16:00, Feb 26 2014
Car Rams Fire Station
LUCKY ESCAPE: A security camera picture of an elderly man driving his car into the old Papatoetoe Fire Station.

Little Flick narrowly escaped disaster when an elderly man drove his car into the old Papatoetoe fire station's cafe.

It is believed the man had passed out at the wheel of his car.

The vehicle only just missed a pedestrian as it hurtled towards Youthline Manukau's Thyme Out cafe.

It then became wedged in a roll-down garage door, which stopped it ramming into the restored 1950 Ford V8 fire truck.

Little Flick has been stationed at the cafe since 2012.

Youthline Manukau manager Mark Esekielu was having a meeting at the back of the cafe when the car came hurtling through the door.


The accident happened at 145 St George St, shortly after 9.30am on February 13.

Fire engines, police and ambulance attended the scene.

"It was pretty scary. There were six people in the cafe and it's lucky no-one was sitting on near-by couches," Mr Esekielu says.

"He was going at a decent speed. He was very dazed and confused and couldn't remember what happened."

The elderly man was taken to hospital for observation.

Insurance will cover the damage, and customers will use another entrance to the cafe until the door is fixed.

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