Mobility spaces not policed - customer

16:00, Mar 05 2014
Mobility Parks
MISUSED: Pak ’n Save Mangere on Bader Drive has eight visibly marked mobility car parks but concerned customer Ian Phipps says the store needs better signage and enforcement to stop people without permits from taking advantage of the spaces.

A loyal customer of a major supermarket chain is seething at what he says is a lack of enforcement around mobility parking at one of its outlets.

Mangere resident Ian Phipps has been shopping at Pak 'n Save Mangere since the store opened in 2007 and visits it several times a week.

But he says he's noticed a distinct lack of policing of the store's eight disability car parks over the last 18 months.

Mobility Parks
FRUSTRATED: Regular Pak ’n Save Mangere shopper Ian Phipps has had a mobility parking permit for the past five years and is unhappy with how the disabled car parks at the store are being managed.

Management says staff are keeping tabs on the situation and urge customers to do their bit also by respecting the rules.

Mr Phipps, who has a mobility parking permit for arthritis in his hips and knees, says the areas are painted with the disability symbol but he frequently sees shoppers without permits using the spaces.

Three signs were posted as well but he says they were knocked down and never replaced.


Mr Phipps says he has been verbally abused by other customers after approaching them about not using the mobility parks without a permit.

"I've been victimised because I have stood up for my rights and for others with disabilities," he says.

"What is the use of Pak 'n Save Mangere having disabled parking when people who are entitled to use it can't?"

Mr Phipps says he will continue to shop at the store and fight until there is better management of the car parks.

"It's disgusting to see elderly people struggling to walk and you get healthy people parking in the disability car parks who won't move."

The store's owner-operator, Michael Kennedy says his team works hard to ensure the disabled car parks are properly managed.

But he says customers also need to play their part and not park where they shouldn't.

"All disabled car parks on site are clearly labelled and staff do regular checks throughout the day.

"We do, however, also rely on the honesty of our customers to use the disabled spaces only if they are entitled to.

"We take all customer inquiries seriously and will continue to monitor the issue."

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