Untrimmed trees a concern

16:00, Mar 05 2014
Vincent Arudas
WORRIED: Vincent Arudas is concerned the Auckland Council is not taking care of public spaces around Manukau, including allowing trees to hang dangerously low over roads and leaving pavements to crack and crumble.

Unkempt trees are causing resident Vincent Arudas to fear for the safety of road users and pedestrians.

The swimming teacher lives in Clover Park and takes his dog for daily walks around the area.

He says he's worried some trees on Hollyford Drive have been left untrimmed and allowed to hang over the road.

And he reckons Auckland Council isn't doing a good enough job of taking care of public areas around South Auckland.

Towards the end of last year, Mr Arudas saw a truck drive under the trees and hit the overhanging branches, causing the debris to get in the way of other vehicles.

He contacted Auckland Council more than a month ago and was told someone would deal with the issue within five days.


But he's received no word since then and hasn't noticed any change in the trees.

He's also worried about large cracks in the pavement where tree roots are pushing through the cement and an area on Dawson Rd in Otara near Dawson Primary School where the kerb is broken up.

"My concern is the kids. They can hurt themselves," he says.

Mr Arudas has lived in Manukau since 1997 and says this is the worst state he's seen the area in.

"I am a ratepayer. Where is my money going?" he says.

"I just want the area tidied up for everyday road users and pedestrians."

An Auckland Council spokesperson says a site visit has been conducted and while the trees are due for a trim, the council does not consider that it is urgent, so they will be done in a couple of months.

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